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Let’s face it, the “blockchain” can mean a lot of things. There’s many different kinds of blockchain solutions, different platforms, exchanges, networks, nodes, mining, and several dozen other things to consider. Whether you’re building a cryptocurrency, an exchange, platform, dapp, or market place there is a lot to consider when selecting or building your own distributed ledger system.

Let us help you figure it out.


The ability to create a secure digital currency that can faciliate trade, store value, and do so in a distributed system is no longer a proof of concept. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proven the future of money is digital, and it can be applied to almost anything. However, launching your own currency, building your own economy, and developing your own personal revolution isn’t easy.


Raising money sucks, we know. That’s why ICOs are an awesome new way to raise currency, however competing for eyeballs and contributions is a hustle that requires strategy, resources, persistence, and one heck of a product or concept.

While we’re still trying to figure the ICO space out ourselves, we’ve got a few ideas that with a reasonable marketing budget should work. As well as access to influencers, including our own podcast coming out soon.

Online Marketing

Online marketing now includes a wide range of techniques ranging from Pay-Per-Click, lead generation, automation, growth hacking, user experience, to Search Engine Optimization. Luckily, Mystic Labs has experience with all of them, and can help guide you on what will work best for your business.

Product Development

Our process of combining design, with great engineering has enabled us to develop products with exceptional user experiences. We have experience with everything from developing a minimum viable product, to idea validation, to hiring and managing the actual development process, to launching the actual product.

Business Development

Establishing a proper business development process and strategy is critical to enabling you to work on your business, instead of for your business. Many founders make the mistake of working for their business, and don’t put the systems in place they need to be able to focus their attention on working on their business. Building a company is about building a team, and putting processes in place to ensure operations. Let us show you how to develop your business so it can run itself.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a critical component of any modern business. If you’re manually sifting through leads, and doing manual outreach you’re wasting time and resources. We can help you automate your marketing channels, and improve conversions in the process while reducing your marketing overhead.

Conversion Optimization

Understanding how your customers use your website can have a dramatic impact on sales. Everything from colors, to the size and location of buttons is important, and A/B testing is equally as important to determine what is driving your customers to actually purchase.

User Experience (Design)

One of the most critical components of any product is usability. Determining who your audience is, and how they are going to use your product to solve a problem for them is a must. Meanwhile, you have to design a user interface for your customers that is easy enough for them to use.

Product Launch

We’ve launched dozens of products. From product launch formulas to soft launches, a product launch is a complex and complicated set of problems that need to be orchestrated perfectly to have a successful launch.


Trent is the former CEO of one of the largest WordPress theme companies, and is well connected in the WordPress industry. There is pretty much no WordPress problem he can’t find a solution to.


Scalability is a nightmare, and setting up your cloud infrastructure incorrectly can be costly. Using container technology like Docker you can easily manage application deployments, and save on both time, and money.

Cyber Security

Hacking is on the rise around the world, making sure your files, e-mail, and servers are safe and secure is important for protecting your intellectual property, as well as your customers. Cyber security is a passion of ours, and we would love to help you secure your company.


Building a prototype is one thing, but building a business that actually scales is a completely other. Many companies grow too fast, and are unable to keep up. Let us help you come up with a sustainable product and growth strategy.


At the heart of everything we do, a good sense of design is by far the most motivating factor in everything from actual user interface design, to designing business development processes, to marketing automation workflows.

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