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Product & Marketing Consulting

Do You Want To Take Your Company To The Next Level?


Have an ongoing engagement requiring a longterm commitment?
Recurring monthly engagements start at $8,500 per month, with 30 day notice for cancelation.

Monthly positions are mostly done remotely.

We only take on up to 3 clients for a monthly recurring engagement at a time. 

Per Project

Per project rates start at $5,000+. For a custom project lasting 30-90 days schedule a call to discuss per project pricing.

Projects are mostly done remotely. If travel is required additional costs may apply.


Day Rate

Available for single day engagements.

$1,000 for remote, 6 hours max

$1,500 for in-person in the Bay Area

$2,000 for fly-in plus travel costs


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Not sure which pricing model to choose from? Schedule a call and discuss your project and we can provide a custom quote.

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