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Tech ProducT MarketinG


Learn from over 20-years of tech product marketing and media experience.  

Tech Savvy

Most agencies and PR firms aren’t technical. They’ve never lead product teams, and don’t know anything about software engineering. Is that really who you want marketing your tech company?

We’ve Got You Covered

Business Development

Process, operations, deal flow, sales, product, and marketing.


5+ years in DevOps and Cloud computing.

Product Management

Built and oversaw development of dozens of products.

Marketing Automation

10 years of marketing automation and lead generation experience.

Go-To Market Strategy

Launched dozens of products and startups.


10+ years, started career as a designer.


5+ years of Software as a Service experience.

Brand Design & Strategy

Over 10+ years experience in branding and brand strategy.


Content Creation

20 years of journalism, 2 years of podcasting

Social Media

20 years of social media and content experience.


20 years of web and data analytics experience.


20 years of SEO and SEM experience.

Executive Coaching

Over 15 years of leading teams and mentoring others.

Remote Team Training

15+ years of managing teams remotely.

Website Development

20+ years of web development experience.

Email Marketing

10+ years of e-mail marketing experience.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Take the guess work out of running a startup or growth company.

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!