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Benefit from over 20-years of tech product marketing and media experience.  

Tech Savvy

Most agencies and PR firms aren’t technical. They’ve never lead product teams, and don’t know anything about software engineering. Is that really who you want marketing your tech company?

Technology Product & Marketing Services 

Product Marketing

Explaining complex technology products to potential customers, partners, and venture capitalists isn’t easy.  Let us help you.

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At Mystic Labs, we go beyond just branding and help technology companies explain their products to consumers in a way that they understand. Often technology products and services are complex and not easy to explain to new customers, partners, or even venture capitalists. The team at Mystic Labs has decades of experience creating the marketing materials necessary to explain complex products and services so that consumers understand the value of your product.

Product Marketing consists of traditional branding practices, content writing, educational materials, defining product features, defining or establishing industry terminology, tweaking the product, identifying and expressing product market fit.

Business Development

We’ve built, run, grown, and sold multiple successful products, companies, and publications. 

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We are startup veterans.

The team at Mystic Labs has extensive business development and sales experience. We have multiple exits under our belt, enterprise sales experience, M&A experience, and massive networks and reach in Silicon Valley and around the World.

We know what it takes to build successful businesses.

Product Development

Collectively our team has developed dozens of products and services ranging from software, web applications, to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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We know how to build products that work, and that have been used by hundreds of thousands of consumers.

We are entrepreneurs who have successfully built dozens of products and services across multiple industries. Both Bryan and Trent come from design backgrounds, and have extensive frontend UI/UX experience.

At their previous startup they successfully brought responsive design to millions of websites, as well as drag-and-drop page builders to tens of thousands of paying customers. They bootstrapped that startup to over $1-Million in revenue then sold it for a successful exit.

More recently, Trent has spent the last 5-years in cloud computing developing Software-as-a-Service automation solutions for agencies, web developers, and application developers. Meanwhile, Bryan has been sharpening his development skills building entire products and services often from scratch.

We are not a dev shop, but product strategy consultants and senior product managers. Although we do have relationships with various agencies and have access to a network of developers.


Business Automation

With 20+ years of remote work experience, we can help you automate your business.

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The future of work is remote. Do you know how to manage a remote team?

Mystic Labs has 20+ years of remote work experience using the latest project management solutions, remote working solutions,  marketing automation platforms, CRMs, cloud computing platforms, and devops solutions. These tools can reduce overhead, scale your business to new levels, optimize business processes, empower sales representatives, and help you and your team achieve work life balance while continuing to make more money. 

We’ve Got You Covered

Go-To Market Strategy

Launched dozens of products and startups.

Marketing Automation

10 years of marketing automation and lead generation experience.

Business Development

Process, operations, deal flow, sales, product, and marketing.

Brand Design & Strategy

Over 10+ years experience in branding and brand strategy.

Product Management

Built and oversaw development of dozens of products.


10+ years, started career as a designer.


5+ years of Software as a Service experience.


5+ years in DevOps and Cloud computing.


Content Creation

20 years of journalism, 2 years of podcasting

Social Media

20 years of social media and content experience.


20 years of web and data analytics experience.


20 years of SEO and SEM experience.

Executive Coaching

Over 15 years of leading teams and mentoring others.

Remote Team Training

15+ years of managing teams remotely.

Website Development

20+ years of web development experience.

Email Marketing

10+ years of e-mail marketing experience.

Our Awesome Team

Trent Lapinski

Trent Lapinski

Founder & CEO

Trent is an experienced technology executive, former CEO and startup founder (which he sold for a successful exit), with experience in product marketing, product development, business development, corporate development, growth hacking, and venture capital.

Bryan Hadaway

Bryan Hadaway


Bryan is an experienced entrepreneur, developer, designer, online community organizer, writer, and publisher. He has over 14-years of web business  experience.

Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker

Content Writer and Editor

Amanda is a former paralegal, and literature major from UC Santa Cruz. She’s an experienced writer and editor.

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